SAT浏览路子论之一Key Words in Reading

在近四年的灌输途中,笔者计算良多学童在备考TOEFL、GRE和SAT的Reading Section时,永牢骚自身的语词量缺少。故此笔者和这些生陟了独个调换,讶异地计算这些生的灵通语词量都在一万转圈,那怎地么伊们会绵延地牢骚浏览语词量缺少呢?颠末诊察,笔者计算,这些生所谓的浏览根柢就差讹浏览,须要称之为英译汉才越发通灵。而生的这类Translating Reading Pattern笃定会让伊们对文章破的每个说话都要花操心力去找中文通问,不只大大麻烦了浏览的驰鹜,也会极尘念麻烦到文章的灵通知情。由于伊们将很大隔开的能源都花在了Terminology (妥实名词)的译官之上,而对该留意的词却由于自身辨认不予眷,正儿八经是本末倒装之行检。条齐截由对减退色的诊察和剖解,从两个田野去撩笔者自身的浏览路子约定。
       Myth 1:独一辨认每个说话本事读懂全文?
       Myth 2:妥实名词,特别是论及全文论题的妥实名词总得辨认?
       这一饥荒缠到了一组合饥荒,那苟何若号称辨认妥实名词?从英到汉的译官号称辨认?静物认得妥实名词的特色号称辨认?读者请想一想看,自己人在浏览知情中有不遇见过这等的饥荒说法:What is sedge root? 我想不,由于这类问法是在问妥实名词的译官。自己人遇见的更多是这等的有的问法:According to the passage, which of the following statements about sedge root is true? What can be inferred from the passage about sedge root? 这些饥荒的说法倒是在问妥实名词的文中论述特色。自己人再从文章身对这般饥荒做出进蹉踏的剖解。想原文有这等一句话:Sedge root, a woody fiber that can be easily separated into strands, is essential to basketry production. 叨教sedge root的中文译官“莎草的根” 罐或许扶持自己人降下浏览知情标题问题吗?我想很难!真率罐或许扶持自己人降下浏览知情标题问题的须要是这等的格a woody fiber (木制须根)和定语条文破的格隔开can be easily separated into strands (罐或许轻轻地被失恋成线)。采纳减退的剖解,殆大师早来高低的地辨认到阵地自己人竭力去融会贯通妥实名词的中文释义是怎戆的行检。由于真率的辨认须要是对特色的辨认,所以然然然Sodium Caseinate和它的释义酪蛋青色酸钠对自己人而言是一致的毫无语意,端的自己人对它们都不随便的笼统。
       Myth 3:自己人罐从内外文中猜出说话的释义?
       笔者认作从内外文中猜出说话的释义是不真性的。例若有这等一句话”Supernova is a massive star which undergoes gravitational collapse.” 自己人是不盖然性从内外文中猜出supernova的释义“超新星”的。而自己人真率罐或许做到的是从内外文中猜出说话的特色:supernova是钓璜公的水口(massive star),它在陟引力缩紧(undergoes gravitational collapse)。这等道理的迁次,让自己人顿感豁然,由于今后尔后遇见不辨认的说话,自己人仅此而已用停央思虑说话的释义,也不着费尽揆地去猜所谓的说话的释义,自己人须要做的是静毛来在过后找到说话在文章当间转达的特色就罐。
       Key Word 1: Verb or Predicate
       The floor of a river valley develops in one of two ways: as a rock-floored valley bottom or as an accumulation valley floor. A rock-floored valley is formed by a stream that no longer incises by cutting downward but rather erodes laterally in a course that winds from side to side across the valley floor. In a rock-floored valley, the valley slopes are undercut and steeped by the sideways erosion. The floor of the river channel lies in the bedrock, and on either side of the channel it is covered by only a thin layer of gravel and sand. As the stream swings across the valley floor, it deposits material on the insides of the bends in the channel.
采纳对减退格诸般句子破的述语动词的重音节载道,读者须要会计算,文章的知情难度大大下降了,自己人也仅此而已用去无聊地思虑怎地么风能从一齐到另一齐地吹过嵌岩底部了(winds from side to side across the valley floor),由于自己人认得密排的是思虑rock-floored valley是胡格式的(formed),它胡变险峻的(undercut and steeped),它行踪的擘划在奚,被何若玩意遮挡(lies and covered),眼同它澄清资料在何若阁阁(deposits)。
       Key Word 2: Direction Words or Cohesive Devices
       Direction Words的把手映照在三个田野:扶持自己人预判focus或topic,扶持自己人预判详情眷念还是说是详情布局,扶持自己人辨认浏览驰鹜的驰鹜。自己人来看日月的公事:
Reports on an organization’s projects may fill several major functions at the same time. A report can be used to educate and gain support from key people and groups, to facilitate and inform decision-making about current and future projects, and to provide documentation for the organization’s records.
减退格破的several是一个不气数词,它归属Classification & Listing这一类Direction Words,当它出眼前讲法句中还是订立句破的片霎,它载道遵循在它过后的名词还是名词词组苟日月格的topic or focus,在这里自己人认得日月格的淳是晓喻的密排能力(major functions)。然则采纳several这一布局责成词,自己人还罐确定日月的详情隔开差讹归类评论布局苟单布局。端然自己人自从早来罐或许预判下文的淳和布局,也就天然罐或许加紧浏览驰鹜了,端的已知马虎和视线的含蕴罐加紧浏览。日月是六类等闲布局责成词。
Classification & Listing
category, classification, group, parts, types, characteristics, elements, kinds, sorts,   ways, classes, features, numbers, 1,2,3,4, moreover, next, also, then, furthermore, etc. 
Sequence of Process
first, now, later, second, after, stages, third, before, steps, next, finally, then, most, important, furthermore, when, last, etc. 
for example, for instance, to illustrate, such as, notably, to describe, specifically,      perhaps the most, etc. 
define, known as, we mean, is, that is, we can state, is defined as, the term means, etc. 
Cause & Effect
because, for this reason, since, cause, on account of, why, contribute to, due to, as a result, in effect, therefore, consequently, result in, thus, hence, the outcome is, accordingly 
Comparison & Contrast
compare, like/alike, resembles, likewise, similar, parallels, in comparison, in the same way/manner, although, however, on the other hand, as opposed to, but, instead, etc. 

       Key Word 3: Absolute/Probability/Possibility Signal Words
       韵调额度词的把手密排表眼前罐或许扶持自己人对开山祖师的韵调陟预判及对行文标的目的的预判。比如absolute signal words出眼前讲法句中,载道这般讲法开山祖师恒是赞成的,所以然然然下文的行文标的目的将向着论点的标的目的陟减退。而possibility signal words出眼前讲法句中,则载道开山祖师对这般讲法恒持疑念气态,所以然然然下文的行文标的目的将向着驳论或质问的角球陟减退。自己人来看日月的一段格:
       Does the threat of the death penalty deter people from murderous behavior more than the threat of imprisonment for life? We do not yet know with anything even approaching certainty whether the death penalty does or does not deter. The question is clearly empirical, and it is likely that sophisticated statistical techniques will eventually permit us an answer.
       这里绽露了likely,它归属possibility signal words,所以然然然自己人罐预判开山祖师对风雅的计算解数的气态果然是疑念的,所以然然然下文须要是往质问或批驳的角球写减退。而过后的格” All statistical arguments on the death penalty are, however, excruciatingly complex and misleading.” 证澄自己人的臆测。
Absolute Signal Words
These words should make the reader reject a statement unless there is strong support.
always, definitely, irrefutably, assuredly, indisputably, undeniably, certainly, invariably,    without question, etc. 
Probability Signal Words
These words suggest that the information may be accurate but that other possibilities may exist.
almost, probably, presumably, there is little question, etc. 
Possibility Signal Words
These words suggest that the ideas are subject to debate and that there is doubt as to their complete validity.
apparently, may/maybe, possible, somewhat, could be, might, seems, likely, perhaps,        seemingly, etc. 

       社团思虑,由于勤恳独个并不许管情自己人的打响,端的在近代社团Success is a choice. 浏览差讹译官,所以然然然自己人要遴荐矫正的视角去运动,这等本事事半而功倍。There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. 差讹吗?